What is a "Quilt Kit"?

Written by: Michael Bennett

A quilt kit generally includes a pattern and specially selected fabrics needed to make a specific quilt. Each quilt kit may consist of pre-cuts or a variety of fat quarters and yardage from different designers. At Stitchin’ Heaven, our fabric specialists work diligently to pick the best fabrics and colors, allowing you to make the best quilt. You know, this may seem like something we don’t need to discuss. Still, it’s essential that all quilters genuinely understand the significance of a quilt kit. Over time we have come to realize that a lot of our customers coming into the store don’t really understand what a quilt kit is. We have a beautiful collection of quilt kits, but they’re not really sure what is in a box when they buy a quilt kit.

Why Should You Buy a Quilt Kit

Reason 1: You Get What You See

When you visit your local quilt shop, you see a project, you see a quilt that you wanna do, and you want it to look just like that.

The quilt kits are packaged with the fabrics already in them. The fabrics are not necessarily the exact fabrics that are shown on the picture or even in a quilt that you see in a quilt store. Fabrics come and go, as we all know, and they are often discontinued very quickly in terms of time and have to be substituted. But if your shop knows what they're doing, they substitute the fabrics to match as close as possible to the quilt or pattern of the quilt you're interested in.

Reason 2: Quilt Kits are Less Expensive

The second reason you’d want to do a quilt kit is that quilt kits are less expensive. When you think about having to go and purchase the fabrics for a quilt, you’re gonna purchase based on what’s on the back of the pattern, and a lot of times, you don’t need a whole 1/4 yard, or you don’t need a 1/2 yard. The fabric designer is going to write the fabric requirements based on how you would purchase it in a store, does that make sense? And so, when you buy a kit, the kit’s gonna be cut to what you need, not to precisely the fabric requirements.

Reason 3: Confidence

The third reason to buy a quilt kit is confidence. Often, you don’t have the confidence to be able to purchase what you need. Sometimes you might purchase fabric, and it’s not exactly right, and you get it home, and you’re disappointed with it, which goes back to the money.

How are Quilt Kits Put Together?

At Stitchin’ Heaven quilt kits are put together by our fabric specialist and go through a simple, but unique process.

Step 1: Quilt or Pattern is chosen for production as a quilt kit.

Step 2: A fabric specialist will pull the recommended fabrics for the kit.

Step 3. The fabric specialist will then have a designated secondary specialist provide approval of the fabric.

Step 4. Once approved by the secondary fabric specialist, the fabrics are then submitted to the production manager for final approval.

Step 5. Fabrics are cut according to the fabric requirement listed on the pattern.

Let’s Breakdown the Quilt Above. First, we will begin looking at the fabric requirements to emphasize my points from above.

Fabric Selection: We Do All The Work For You.

In your kit, we’re gonna have chosen enough fabrics for you to get a really great variety.

You’re gonna have all of these fabrics in your kit already selected for you. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have this many fabrics in my stash, and if I did, I don’t think I would want to have to spend the time pulling these out and cutting them down.

Same thing with the dark fabrics in this one. We’ve chosen the dark fabrics in the fabric colors to make this quilt for you.

Then we have the light, thin fabric and the dark, thin fabric. It’s clearly labeled.

And we have the border print.

In this kit, we also have the muslin that you need to make this, which it calls for on the pattern.

So, that’s just an idea. In your quilt kit, you’re going to get a photo of the quilt.

You’re going to get the fabric for the top, so that means the fabric for the piecing, the muslin in this case. You get the borders and the binding for the quilt, and you’re gonna get the pattern.

Is The Pattern Included?

90% of the time, the pattern is included.

We do have some kits that don't include the pattern because it’s so popular that a lot of people have it, or it’s in a book, and we don’t include the book because a lot of people have the book.

How do you know what's included in a Quilt Kit?

If you’re buying online, we’re gonna put it in the description on the item.

If you’re in the store, we have a sticker on the back, and it shows you exactly what’s in the kit so you know if the pattern is included or not and whether you need to purchase that pattern separately.

We are going to disclose that to you so you don’t get home and go, “Darn, I don’t have a pattern”.

Are there different types of Quilt Kits?

Standard Quilt Kits

Your standard quilt kit is what was described above. A standard quilt kit comes with just the materials needed for you to cut and sew your project based on the pattern recommendations.

Standard Quilt Kits are great, especially if you don’t mind cutting all of the pieces required.

Pre-Cut Quilt Kits

Pre-Cut Quilt Kits are fantastic. Pre-cut kits provide all the required fabric and materials, however the fabric is cut to the recommendations within the pattern.

If you're a quilter that hates the cutting process then pre-cut kits are best for you.

Pre-Cut kits are beneficial for those that have an arthritis in their wrist or just don’t have the ability to use scissors or a rotary cutter any longer.

Scrap Crazy Quilt Kits

Scrap Crazy quilts are the best!

If you are looking for simple projects or projects that you need to get done quickly then Scrap Crazy Quilts Kits are your best choice.

You can literally quilt a Scrap Crazy Kit in a day. The only tool you need (besides the fabric) is the Creative Grids 8” Scrap Crazy 8 Template and the Stitchin’ Heaven Helper Tool.


Quilt Kits are wonderful products located at Quilt Shops. Quilt Kits provide you with all the materials needed to produce your quilt, they are less expensive, and remove the confusion about whether or not you picked up all the right materials when you were in the shop.

If you have been reading our blog for any amount of time we are crazy about Scrap Crazy.

We hope that you will watch the tutorial on Scrap Crazy and perhaps make a purchase one day. We promise you will not regret that decision.


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