What a Journey!

Updated: May 13, 2020

Life is so much fun. Nearly 25 years ago, I quit my job at GTE Directories so that I could spend a summer with Clay who was in the 5th grade. We lived in Colleyville (DFW area) and one day decided we could live anywhere since I no longer was employed so why not live to the country. So we moved to Quitman, TX back in 1995 to raise emus. Yes, emus. Fortunately the emus never happened but Stitchin' Heaven did because I opened my little 1000 square foot quilt shop in this little town of 1895 people with 600 bolts of fabric.

I was cleaning out my desk the other day preparing to move to our newly constructed 17,500 building and came across these wonderful photos of Stitchin' Heaven past. I hope you will also enjoy seeing them and remembering these fun times!

First up: This is a picture of our original building! Who remembers when we were opening this space?

Ribbon Cutting Day was so memorable! So many great friends were there - my Mom, Jim & Clay, my Aunt Violet, Barbara Bridges, Alice Tomerlin, Carolyn Bryant, Tanya Weems, and many others. See that heart quilt on the right? First and ONLY quilt I had made at that point!

Jim, Clay, and me on Ribbon Cutting Day:

LOTS of people were in the store that day! (Maybe 15? LOL) :

We had many nationally-known teachers visit our shop. Our 2nd class was taught by Becky Goldsmith - Simply Delicious:

Eleanor Burns (Quilt in a Day) taught 4 different times. Here she is with our good friend Patsy Beaubouef:

Donna Poster was our primary teacher back in the day. She taught a beginning quilting class that consisted of an Irish Chain quilt AND a Log Cabin quilt. She loved it when students would choose king size!:

And what about Barbara Furge's mother?:

In 2000 we were selected as one of the Top Ten Shops for Quilt Sampler:

Who remembers and participated in the Quitman Outdoor Quilt Show? We brought hundreds of quilters to Quitman for this show that was held each year in September. I'm thinking we need to resurrect that show!

After we won the Top Ten award, I treated the staff to a cruise. We had a grand time!:

We had several of our "big name teachers" teaching at the Bunkhouse. Here is the group with Marianne Fons:

Then we can't leave off remembering our Tyler location. Gosh it was a gorgeous store:

Once our new Quitman store is merchandised it will be equally beautiful! I'm hoping all can come by for a visit so we can continue to make such great friends.

Our address is 321 Richards St, Quitman, TX. Just turn by Dairy Queen - you can't miss it!

May all your days be "pieceful"


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