Top 5 Gifts for Quilters

Updated: Aug 21

Written by: Rachael Folmar

Think of a groundbreaking achievement that has been undertaken by humanity. What made any of those inventions or achievements possible?

Besides the visionary mind behind the project, we often find that a propellant in the success of an invention was that the inventor was equipped with the right tools with which to carry to completion the task at hand.

We know that the same is true for quilters. When it comes to creating your quilted masterpiece, having the right tools can either make or break your project.

Maybe you are a quilter looking for the perfect gift for a fellow quilting friend, or maybe you are a loved one of a quilter who is clueless about what the perfect gift for that person in your life is.

Wherever you fall on that spectrum, I believe we can all agree upon the fact that quality matters.

Put simply, having quality quilting tools with which to complete your project, links directly to a desirable, quality, finished product.

If you want to make your quilter’s day by providing them with the perfect gift, keep reading!

1. Gift Cards

As diverse and colorful as the selection of fabric is in a quilt shop, the quilters who frequent their quilt shop are just as diverse.

Whether that be because of their preference for a specific type of technique, or maybe their dedication to a line of quilting tools; when in doubt, gift cards are always a great option!

So take some of the pressure about getting that “perfect gift” off your shoulders and simply give the quilter in your life the ability to get that perfect gift for themselves because maybe they don’t even know what they need, until they see it!

Gift cards also make shopping easy because not only can gift cards be used in-store but to do online shopping as well!

So maybe your quilter can’t get out of the house, giving them the ability to shop for what they need right from the comfort of their own home is such a valuable gift.

Gifting gift cards is a great way to show you care about helping them get exactly what they want.

Additionally, maybe you could make a day of it and take your quilting loved one to Stitchin’ Heaven or to your local quilt shop!

If you do that, just be prepared to pull that shopping cart around for a while and pleasantly nod and agree as they ooo and ahh over all the unique finds they’re sure to make but just think of the life-long memories you’ll be making, that’s truly the most memorable gift you could possibly give.

2. Cutting Tools

So much of a quilters project is heavily made up of cutting.

A rotary cutter is never too far away if a project is underway.

The importance of having a quality rotary cutter and replacement blades simply can’t be stated enough. Plus, having a quality rotary cutter with sharp blades protects their cutting mats.

Can I get an “amen” from the quilters?

As important as a sturdy table saw to someone who works in carpentry or woodworking, so a rotary cutter is a vital tool to a quilter.

The 45mm Olfa Heavy Duty Rotary was introduced to the sewing industry in 1979 and is still the most popular size available on the market!

A straight as well as durable handle is a well-known feature of this particular rotary cutter and it is perfect for either a right-handed or left-handed cutter.

Olfa is also recognized as one of the leading brands for their replacement rotary blades which will eventually be needed by any quilter over the course of their project.

Olfa blades can cut up to six layers of fabric and are made from the highest quality steel known for its unparalleled sharpness and superior edge retention.

Olfa cutting tools are always a great, quality choice of gift for your quilter!

So far, we have emphasized the importance of quality when looking for tools to give your quilter but let’s be real, that is for sure not the only thing that matters when it comes to finding the perfect gift.

While it remains supremely important, we must also recognize that just as quilters are creative, fun, and unique in their approach to a project the same is true when it comes to the choosing of their tools.

Having tools as fun as your fabric makes a project so much more enjoyable as well as simpler.

Now that you know a little about cutting tools, it’s important to know that your cutting surface is just as quality.

3. The Best Cutting Mats for Quilters and Sewers

Martelli’s Large Contrasting Cutting Mats are top of the line and trust us, having one is every quilters dream.

The durability and value offered by Martelli cutting mats as well as the unique self-healing properties makes this product one that is totally worth the investment.

The rotating cutting mat from Martelli is also phenomenal.

The rotating mat is great for projects involving the Scrap Crazy 8” template.

Also, if you wear out the rotating mat all you have to do is replace the mat and not the base.

4. Irons & Ironing Systems

If you’re not a quilter, you’ve probably underestimated the importance of ironing in a project.

Not only is ironing a crucial part in quilting, having the right ironing system to make that step as efficient and safe for the material is just as important.

Our top two irons/ironing systems are these:

1. Oliso Micro Fine Smart Iron

The Oliso Micro Fine Smart Iron prevents scorching, accidental tipping, and burning. With it’s digitally controlled temperature control technology, protect both yourself and your fabric!

2. Panasonic 360 Freestyle Cordless with Ceramic Plate

The 360 degree multi-directional cordless steam iron with it’s ceramic sole plate cordless design allows for free movement and no cord snags!

The non-stick surface offered by the ceramic sole plate helps this iron to glide smoothly over fabrics. This iron is also equipped with a vertical steam feature which de-wrinkles hanging garments.

5. BERNINA Quilters Edition Sewing Machines

The BERNINA Quilters Edition sewing machines have everything a quilter could want in a sewing machine and more!

The BERNINA 570 Quilter Edition can do it all, sew quilt, embroider.

The touchscreen makes changing between modes easy! If your quilting loved one is into embroidery, the BERNINA 570 comes with 50 embroidery designs to choose from as well as the ability for personal upload of embroidery designs with the USB connection.

The BERNINA 770 Quilter Edition combines the innovation which BERNINA is known for with the addition of plenty of space! The extended free-arm created an extra-wide work area allows you to work with bigger projects, easier than ever before!


We hope this post helped you get some inspiration for finding the perfect gift for the quilter in your life. Your loved ones projects are more special to them than you’ll ever know and you showing interest in their creative process is truly invaluable to them. So we hope you find a way to gift them with something as special as they are!


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