Stitchin' Heaven Experience: 1st Bus of the Season

Smiling faces were everywhere!

February 28th was a bright, beautiful Friday morning. Everyone here at Stitchin' Heaven turned out to greet our first Bus Trip of the season at our new store. We had a busy day filled with food, friends, and fabric.

During lunch our guests watched raptly while Sandra demonstrated the Scrap Crazy Ruler.

After lunch Sharon demonstrated the Martelli Cutting System.

Later in the afternoon tired shoppers gathered in our classroom to gamble and drink, er, I mean play Left, Right, Center with fat quarters. It got a little rowdy.

Come share the Stitchin' Heaven Experience and join one of our scheduled Bus Trips. If you live within driving distance and don't see a trip from your area let us know and we'll try to make it happen.

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