Sisters by Choice

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Stitchin’ Heaven Collaborates with Bestselling Author Susan Mallery on Exclusive Quilt Kit to Commemorate “Sisters by Choice”

“Sisters by Choice” tells the story of cousins Sophie, Kristine, and Heather. All are in different stages of life, bonded by their search for happiness where the ocean meets the land in Blackberry Island. Sophie is an entrepreneur, hopeful for a fresh start after her cat toy empire goes up in flames, Kristine is a wife and a mother with big dreams of starting her own bakery just off the waterfront, and Heather is desperate to escape, attempting to save for college as her mother’s repeated crises continuously drain her funds. The story follows the trio’s journey to escape the binds that hold them, told with Mallery’s trademark humor and charm.

“I’m honored that a quilt shop of Stitchin’ Heaven’s stature was inspired to create a quilt based on ‘Sisters by Choice,’” said Mallery. “It’s the perfect pairing as Heather, one of the main characters, is a quilter whose personal and professional growth is directly linked to a quilt she designs in the book. It’s her first step toward freedom and creating the life of her dreams.”

Stitchin’ Heaven founder Deb Luttrell was inspired to create a custom orange and teal pattern on a cream background that features playful cat silhouettes to mimic the novel’s cover and themes. A paperback copy of the novel is included with purchase, as well as a guide that walks quilters through the construction process, making the project attainable for quilters of all levels.

“We jumped at the chance to collaborate with Susan, as our customers are huge fans of her work and always hungry for new projects and patterns,” said Luttrell. “Being able to offer an immersive experience is so unique and we know that our Stitchin’ Heaven family is going to love being able to create a keepsake while they read the novel.”

The “Sisters by Choice” quilt kit and paperback copy of the novel will retail for $129.99 and is available for purchase at here. For more information about Mallery and “Sisters by Choice,” visit

About Susan Mallery

Susan Mallery is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of novels about the relationships that define women's lives—family, friendship, romance. With 40 million copies sold worldwide, her books have been translated into 28 languages. “Sisters by Choice,” set on picturesque Blackberry Island, Washington, “beautifully illustrates the power of female friendship and the importance of reaching for one’s dreams. . . irresistible, heartfelt,” raves Publishers Weekly. With more than 400 five-star reviews on Goodreads in its first month of release, Sisters by Choice is destined to be a book club favorite. For more information about Susan Mallery, visit

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