Top 24 Layer Cake Quilt Patterns

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

If you're looking for a fun quilt project with easy-to-use pre-cut fabrics, look no further than the increasingly popular layer cake quilt design. Matching designs and finding fabrics that complement one another can be a daunting task, but layer cake patterns simplify the process and guarantee a gorgeous finish. Read on to find out more about layer cake quilt patterns and discover 24 top layer cake designs.

layer cake quilt patterns sample deep blue sea

What Are Layer Cake Quilt Patterns?

Layer cake friendly quilt patterns aren't a specific design, so they can come in a wide range of patterns and colors. Usually, layer cake precuts come as 10-inch squares in packs of 42, although this number can vary. When patterned fabrics are involved, designers often try to use 42 different fabrics, although if the fabric collection doesn't have enough, they'll throw in a couple of duplicates to bump the number up to 42.

So much opportunity for variations means that, as a quilter, you can create your own unique designs with lots of different colors and textures in a single quilt top. It also means that highly skilled designers have premade plenty of layer cake quilt patterns that you can draw from at any time.

What Size Quilt Can You Make With Layer Cakes?

The exact quilt size you're able to make depends on the specific pattern you opt to work with. For instance, if you sew together all the blocks in a set to create a patchwork quilt top, you'll end up with seven rows of six squares. As such, your layer cake quilt top would be approximately 57 inches by 66 inches, or the size of a throw.

If you added in two-inches of sashing between each row and block, the finished size would be around 71 inches by 82.5 inches, or the size of a twin quilt.

For the best results when starting out, we'd recommend looking for quilt patterns specifically designed as layer cakes. Let's take a look at some fantastic but fairly simple layer cake designs so you can plan a few quilting projects for the future!

Top 24 Quilt Patterns Using Layer Cakes

There are many textures, colors and patterns of fabric to play with when it comes to layer cake quilts, but you still have a clear outline to sew along to. Use these designs exactly or take them as inspiration to make your own cute layer cake patterns.

Deep Blue Sea Quilt

The pattern looks great with its nautical patterns and color scheme. Alternate vertical and horizontal stripes give this finished quilt a look that's pleasingly similar to its name.

Kaffe Fassett Collective Emperor Pattern

If you're looking for a layer cake design that's a little bit different, the Kaffe Fassett Collective uses brightly colored interwoven patterns for a trendy and modern effect.

Building Bricks Quilt

This adorable brickwork pattern consists of 42 10-inch squares that use 5-inch charm pre-cuts for background fabric. They're easier to stitch than they look — all you have to do is cut each layer cake in half and form a brick by sewing the ends to the charm pre-cuts. As you form them into rows, you'll see this fab brick pattern start to appear.

Parfait Layer Cake Quilt Pattern

This quilt looks quirky, fun and tricky to make, but it's actually one of the easiest on the list. You can make it even more exciting by putting two right side 10-inch squares together and sewing along each corner. Then, make an X across each square by cutting the fabric twice from corner to corner and you'll end up with four cool-looking half triangles.

Love Letters Quilt

This fun-looking quilt has a cool finish with cute cartoons of bears, birds and kids. One layer cake makes you a baby quilt, and two will give you a lap quilt.

Layer Cake Links Quilt

Layer Cake Links is a free PDF pattern that uses two layer cakes. Use on-trend pastel colors to show off the lovely chain pattern interspersed with polka dots.

Blessed Beyond Measure Quilt

Blessed Beyond Measure is super-simple and makes a great layer cake for a beginner quilter. It uses large prints and block colors for a striking finished look.

Floralicious Quilt

This one is great because it looks difficult, but it's actually pretty easy to make. The cloth is handmade by fabric artists in Bali, and the colors and patterns have a tropical, vacation-like feel.

Hold Your Horses Quilt Pattern

Hold Your Horses looks cool and modern with a take on the classic western theme, with fabric patterns such as deserts, boots and horses. With the added option of creating half-square patchwork triangles, the possibilities are practically endless.

Ruby Nights Quilt

Ruby Nights is a lively-looking quilt that uses stars and squares for a classic but trendy-looking finish. You can make it using different fabrics to reflect different seasons and get impressively varied results.

Primitive Traditions Layer Cakes Quilt

This design is an excellent choice for a seasoned quilter who's looking for a challenge. A wide range of patterns makes it a great gift or addition to any home.

Chloe & Friends Quilt Pattern

With this fabric, you'll end up with each print repeated two or three times in the final quilt, but you can use sashing to increase the size of the finished article. A wide variety of patchwork design and fabrics means you can customize the quilt according to your needs.

Just Red Quilt

Just Red is another fun quilt that combines various shades of red with large floral prints and smaller geometric patterns, small-scale blenders and splashes of gold. With this versatile layer cake block, you can end up with a different pattern depending on your preferences.

Hungry Animal Alphabet

The adorable fabric for this layer cake template has been designed by a renowned children's illustrator. Use edging for plenty of white space to create a traditional design that's perfect for children or the kitchen, with animals, food and cute patterns.

365 Fifth Avenue Quilt

Delight the plant lovers in your life with this design, which has beautiful realistic flowers and stems. You can add extra yardage for a sprawling large quilt with stems, a background and a border.

Back of the Chutes Quilt Pattern

Demonstrate love to your closest family members by giving them this gorgeous quilt as a gift. You can use traditional piecing or add another layer cake pattern and try combining two styles.

Set Sail America Quilt Pattern

Set Sail America is an adorable pattern with cartoon dogs, cats and children that you can use layer cakes and jelly rolls to make more elaborate, if desired. This is definitely one for the kids with its varied colors and modern take on patchwork.

All About Christmas Quilt

Try using quarter-square triangles, half-square triangles, four-patch and square blocks to make varied and unique designs. You can mix and match layer cake designs to find the perfect balance of what you're looking for.

Mayfair Quilt Pattern

The flowers on this beautifully simple and modern layer cake were hand-drawn to conjure images of Piccadilly, Hyde Park and Covent Garden. Add a border and create triangles for an avant-garde geometric finish.

Her & History Cake Quilt Pattern

Try making Her & History with a layer cake, three fat quarters and additional fabric as needed to achieve your desired finish. Different sizes of squares and rectangles look great with paisley-style fabric for a feminine throw or quilt.

Easy Peasy Disappearing Nine Patch

This design is ideal for layer caking and it's super-easy for a beginner or pro. Half triangles combine to create an arrow effect that looks great with pastel or bold colors.

Seeds of Glory Quilt

Anyone can make this quilt design using two layer cake precuts for a funky design with triangles in alternating directions. It's so simple that you'll be able to piece it together in no time.

Kaffe Fassett Collective Equator Quilt Pattern

Kaffe Fassett Collective Equator uses warm colors and a mixture of exotic-looking prints. You can vary the finished look significantly by swapping in different colored and textured fabric.

Bike Ride Quilt Pattern

Use two yards of fabric and one layer cake to finish this cute quilt with a finished design that features large rectangles and small squares for a pleasantly symmetrical finished look.

Shimmer Quilt

This quilt is modern and trendy and comes in two sizes, throw and twin. It's easy for beginners, but using borders and varying patterns gives the illusion of complexity. These squares also make excellent additions to patchwork designs.

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