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Updated: May 27

Written by: Rachael Folmar

Lexus, Mercedes, and BMW. To most people those brands are the definition of superior luxury and excellent value.

As quilters, sewists, and embroidery enthusiasts we also deserve the sewing products designed for us with the same superior luxury and excellent value.

When we look around the sewing machine market only one brand of machine can be classified the same as a Lexus, Mercedes or BMW. BERNINA!


For decades, BERNINA has been passionately committed to developing cutting-edge sewing and embroidery machines for creative people.

Swiss precision is at the heart of every product.

BERNINA products are manufactured exclusively with high-quality materials – inside and out. BERNINA – standing for Swiss tradition since 1893. BERNINA – made to create

So we welcome you to begin your journey to discover the best quilting sewing machine on the market. Beginner or expert, BERNINA is for you.

Whether you need a simple machine for basic function or you prefer an advanced machine featuring the latest in embroidery, you will find your perfect choice in BERNINA.

The Bernina 770 QE (Quilters Edition) was specially designed for the quilter. The machine is the true definition of luxury and value.

Equipped with the technology for quiet and exact sewing, the BERNINA Hook sews high-precision stitches at speeds up to one thousand stitches per minute at 9 mm in width.

Bobbins for the 770 are equipped with the capacity to hold 70% more thread so you can spend less time on the time-consuming details and focus more on your creativity.

Additionally, the BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR) ensures exact stitch quality and ideal results at any speed throughout free-motion quilting.

If you're a quilter who especially loves embroidery, or you are hoping to get into embroidery soon. The embroidery and quilt designs on this machine are something that will be a must-have for you!

Featuring over 500 embroidery designs from OESD. Handling special materials can be quite the chore for many sewing machines but the BERNINA B 770 QE SE Tula Pink Edition can handle special materials such as silk and leather with ease.

The BERNINA Dual Feed is easily engaged when needed and tucks completely out of the way when no longer required.

The excellent customer service provided by BERNINA, is once again taken to the next level on the 770 by offering the Sewing Consultant and built-in tutorials which bring you directly to on-screen support and immediate answers to your questions at all hours of the day or night.

Need we say more?

Tula Pink Loves Her Bernina 770 QE

Tula Pink herself quilts on the BERNINA 770 QE and BERNINA in 2019 released a special edition BERNINA 770 QE Special Edition Tula Pink.

Here's what Tula Pink herself has to say about the BERNINA B 770 QE SE Tula Pink Edition:

"This beauty is really a one-of-a-kind delight! The lovely rainbow, oil slick finish on the freearm cover and thread take-up lever cover as well as the exclusive Tula Pink designed faceplate transform the BERNINA 770 QE. It comes with all the latest innovations of the B 770 QE plus lots of fabulous extras."

"This is the unicorn of sewing machines!" - Tula Pink, Quilters and Fabric Designer

The Quilter's Editions

Interested in learning more about which Quilter's Editions sewing machine's we have available for purchase at Stitchin' Heaven? Keep reading!

BERNINA 475 Quilter's Edition

Distinct features of the 475 Quilter's Edition:

  • Save time with Automatic Features

  • Hands free sewing allows you to keep your hands on the fabric!

  • Easily obtain precise stitches

  • Adjustable pressure foot pressure

  • Adjustable BERNINA Patchwork foot #37

  • Easy navigable touch screen

BERNINA B 570 Quilter's Edition

Distinct features of the BERNINA B 570 Quilter's Edition:

  • Greater sewing Comfort with the Free Hand System

  • A broader array of accessories

  • BERNINA Stitch Regulator

  • More memory options

  • Extensive stitch library


Just as you would feel going to a high end automobile showroom Stitchin' Heaven is dedicated as the "quilt shop" with a strong reputation for providing quality products and service.

Bernina is the machine made for quilters and those that sew. Bernina is the Apple of Sewing Machines. With every Bernina you get satisfaction and longevity.

Check out our Facebook Live Replay: Bernina Virtual Event that was held on May 5th, 2020.


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